Mexican Inspiration

Burrito Brothers – California Style Mexican Kitchen – is born out of a combination of fresh, local produce, Mexican inspired recipes and California street food style. The result is an incredible mix of flavors wrapped in a perfectly portable tortilla shell.

Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission, simply, is to spark a change in the Mexican style food scene in Switzerland. Our philosophy is slow cooked, served fast; and our goal is to maintain a high standard of speed and quality in service without compromising the integrity and flavor of your meal.

California Style

Choosing Lausanne as our starting point, and spreading quickly to the rest of Switzerland Burrito Brothers offers a true taste of California style Mexican food. We only use the freshest products available, with all our meats sourced in Switzerland.

The Brothers

The Burrito Brothers grew up in the perfect storm to bring burritos to Switzerland today.  Fernando and Cesar were born in Mexico but grew up in California, where they worked summers at their Aunt’s take-away burrito shop in San Francisco’s Marina district. Their paths separated them for a few years; Cesar continued his studies and worked in other Mexican restaurants in the area while Fernando travelled and opened a family-owned chain of taco stands in the heart of Mexico amongst other things. In 2013 they reunited in Lausanne, where they’ve taken their passion for burritos and together with the help of their family and friends created The Burrito Brothers, an oasis of fresh, authentic California Style Mexican food.

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Our team

We further seek to enhance our customers’ experience by hiring the best employees for all positions within the company.
We attract and retain quality people by offering attractive long-term career opportunities.
At Burrito Brothers we embrace diversity and enjoy having an international team: we currently have more than 300 staff members comprising 25 different nationalities.

Our Partners